Guidelines for Speakers

From BESIII Speaker's Bureau WebSite

Material and slides

(1). Only approved material can be shown. ->[BESIII preliminary results page:]

(2). Results that have been published (or accepted for publication) should be referred. Other results should be labelled as “Preliminary”.

(3). BESIII speakers at the same conference should coordinate, among themselves and under the supervision of the Physics Coordinators, the contents of their presentations.

(4). Always clarify that you are representing the BESIII collaboration, even if you are giving a review talk.

(5). On the slides, use only colors that are well readable when projected (e.g. yellow is always unreadable and should be avoided).

(6). The text on the plots (axis label, legend, etc.) should be large enough to be readable. Use text box if necessary.

(7). Be careful to avoid internal terms (jargon) that are not widely understood by a general audience; avoid unnecessary abbreviation when there is space to write things out.

(8). Avoid to overload your talk with too many results (numbers), and please give proper context or interpretation for your presented results. Make a good selection of results to be included in your talk.

(9). Experience shows that most attempts to have a number of slides larger than the duration of the talk (in minutes), with slides having a decent density, turn out to be catastrophic. For most speakers 1.0 to 1.5 minute per slide seems to be optimal. One can use backup slides in some cases (e.g. certain details such as low-level cut lists etc.)

(10). Plan IN ADVANCE what you could skip or speed up if you find out that you are short of time during the actual talk.

Practice talks / Rehearsal

(1). Practice talks are organized by members of the Speakers Bureau Committee, who will contact the Speakers directly.

(2). The goal of the practice talks is 3-folds: a). A practice for the speaker. b). An editorial review of the slides. c). A review of the scientific content of the slides.

(3). In order that the slides can be corrected (if needed) the practice talks are usually organized at least one week before the conference takes place.

(4). It is recommended that, for less experienced speakers (PhD students and young postdocs), the slides need to be uploaded to Indico at least 1 days before the practice talk; their slides are reviewed by their supervisor before the practice talk and their supervisor (or at least one representative from their institution) can join the practice talk session.