Talks in 2017

From BESIII Speaker's Bureau WebSite

55th International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics
Jan 23-27, 2017, Bormio, Italy

  • Olsen Steve (Korea): BESIII Overview
  • Cristina Morales (HIM): Baryon Form Factors at BESIII

Lake Louise Winter Institute
Feb 19-25, 2017, Chateau Lake Louise, Canada

  • Giulio Mezzadri (Ferrara): Exotic states at BESIII
  • Zhen Gao (USTC): measurement of e+e- -> K+K- cross section

Instrumentation conference 2017
February 27 to March 3, 2017, Novosibirsk, Russia

  • Jianyong Zhang (IHEP): Beam energy measurement system at BEPCII
  • Leo Koch (Giessen): cZDD data acquisition
  • Lia Lavezzi (Turin): The new Cylindrical GEM Inner Tracker of the BESIII experiment: test beam results of two prototypes
  • Manuel Da Rocha Rolo (Turin): A custom readout electronics for the BESIII CGEM detector

21st Rencontres de Physique de La Vallée d'Aoste : Rencontres de La Thuile
05-11 Mar 2017. La Thuile, Aosta , Italy
first proposal on Nov.24, 2016; email Dec.20, 2016 indico

  • Malte Albrecht (Bochum): BESIII Overview
  • Yateng Zhang (USTC): Observation of charmoniumlike strcuture in pipipsi(2S)

52nd Rencontres de Moriond EW
18-25 Mar 2017, La Thuile, Aosta , Italy

  • Peter Weidenkaff (HIM): weak decay charm physics

Rencontres de Moriond QCD and High Energy Interactions (QCD 2017)
La Thuile, March 25 - April 1, 2017

  • Guofa Xu (IHEP): Light hadron spectroscopy at BESIII
  • Frank Nerling (GSI): XYZ at BESIII

FCPPL workshop 2017
Mar.27-30, 2017, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

  • Changzheng Yuan (IHEP): Status of the BESIII analyses and results on e+e- annihilation cross sections to hadrons

DPG 2017
Mar.27-31, 2017, Münster, Germany

  • Dexu Lin (HIM): Nucleon form factors at BESIII

Workshop on current trends in flavor physics
Mar.29-31, 2017, Paris, France

  • Hailong Ma (IHEP): Status and prospects for weak decays at BESIII

25th International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects (DIS 2017)
Apr.3-7, U. of Birmingham, UK

  • Isabella Garzia (Ferrara): eta' decays at BESIII
  • Myroslav Kavatsyuk (KVI): New XYZ results from BESIII
  • Xin Shi (IHEP): Charm physics at BESIII
  • Cui Li (Uppsala): R measurement and QCD studies at BESIII

Incontri di Fisica delle Alte Energie (IFAE 2017)
April 19-21, 2017, Trieste, Italy

  • Lia Lavezzi (Turin): Prototype test beam results for the new Cylindrical GEM Inner

Tracker of the BESIII experiment

  • Giulio Mezzadri (Ferrara): Overview of the BESIII experiment

Uppsala HEP seminar
May 4, Uppsala U., Sweden

  • Weiping Wang (USTC): Production behaviour and electromagnetic form factors of Lambda_c

17th Chinese National Conference on Medium High Energy Nuclear Physics
May 5-9, 2017, Yichang, China

  • Bingxin Zhang (IHEP): Hadron form factor at BESIII
  • Hongxun Yang (IHEP, not available): Light hadron at BESIII
  • Lei Li (BIPT): Charm physics at BESIII

Excited QCD 2017
May 7-13, 2017, Sintra, Portugal

  • Xiaorong Zhou (USTC): Overview on QCD studies at BESIII

Space-like and time-like electromagnetic baryonic transitions
May 8-12, 2017, ECT* Conference room, Trento, Italy

  • Karin Schoenning (Uppsala): electromagnetic form factors and hyperon polarization with BESIII and PANDA

13th Patras Workshop on Axions, WIMPs and WISPs
May 15-19, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Vindy Prasad (USTC): Dark photon search at BESIII

Seminar at National Centre for Nuclear Research
May 22, 2017, Warsaw, Poland

  • Andrzej Kupsc (Uppsala): Hadron physics at BESIII experiment

The Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics 2017 (TIPP2017)
May 22-26, 2017, IHEP, Beijing, China

  • Riccardo Farinelli (Ferrara): A Cylindrical GEM Inner Tracker for the BESIII experiment at IHEP
  • Antonio Amoroso (Turin): Innovative design and construction technique for the Cylindrical GEM detector for the BESIII experiment

29th Rencontre de Blois - Particle Physics and Cosmology
May 28th to June 2nd 2017, Blois, France

  • Christoph Rosner (HIM): Nucleon Form Factors at BESIII
  • Shuai Zhu (IHEP): Hightlight of Charm meson Physics at BESIII

May 29th to June 2nd 2017, Sitges, Spain

  • Weiping Wang (USTC): Lambda_c studies at BESIII
  • Rupan Guo (IHEP): Charm physics at BESIII
  • Riccardo Farinelli (Ferrara): XYZ states at BESIII

15th Conference on Flavor Physics and CP Violation (FPCP 2017)
05-09 Jun 2017. Prague, Czech Republic

  • Chengping Shen (BUAA): Overview of XYZ states and Tetraquarks (all experimental results)
  • Xiaokang Zhou (USTC): Charm hadron physics at BESIII
  • Yi Fang (IHEP): Charm semileptonic physics at BESIII
  • Tianjue MIN (IHEP): Light hadrons and formfactors at BESIII
  • ~2 posters are allowed:

The 2017 International Conference on Applications of Nuclear Techniques (CRETE17)
Jun. 11 - 17, 2017, Crete, Greece

  • Simonetta Marcello (Turin): The new Inner Tracker based on Cylindrical GEM detectors for the BESIII experiment

6th annual scientific conference of young scientists and specialists (Alushta-2017)
Jun.12-19, 2017, Alushta, Crimea, Russia

  • Diana Seitova (JINR): ppbar enhancement near threshold

Summer Workshop on Reaction Theory
Jun.13, 2017, Indiana U, Bloomington, USA

  • Andrzej Kupsc (Uppsala): Overview of recent results on eta, eta' decays

26th International Workshop on Weak Interactions and Neutrinos (WIN2017)
June 19-24, 2017, UC Irvine, USA

  • Minggang Zhao (NKU): Charged Lepton Flavour Violation/Lepton Number Violation at BESIII

Gordon Research Seminar (GRS)
June 24-25, 2017, HKUST, Hong Kong

  • Tian Ma (HKU): D leptonic decays at BESIII
  • Tianjue Min (IHEP): Observation of a baryonium candidate at BES (with all results on Xppbar and X1835 from BESII to BESIII)

11th International workshop on e+e- collisions from Phi to Psi (PhiPsi17)
June 26-29, 2017, Mainz, Germany

  • Ronggang Ping (IHEP): Multihadron event generators
  • Martin Ripka (JGU): ISR form factor measurements
  • Wenbiao Yan (USTC): Inclusive R measurement
  • Zhentian Sun (IU): Latest results on XYZ physics
  • Xiaoshen Kang (NKU): Light quark physics at BESIII
  • Alaa Dbeyssi (HIM): BESIII: Baryon production at threshold
  • Christoph Redmer (JGU): gamma gamma physics at BESIII


  • Xingyu Zhou (IHEP): J/psi parameters
  • Dong Liu (USTC): e+e- -> KK
  • Martin Ripka (JGU): Improved Limit for Gamma_ee of X(3872) and Gamma_ee Measurement of psi(3686)
  • Zhiqing Liu (JGU): Search for the chi_c1 charmonium in direct e+e- production
  • Yuping Guo (JGU): Dark Photon Search at BESIII with ISR Method
  • Brice Garillon (JGU): The cZDD project at BESIII
  • Marco Maggiora (TO): Cylindrical GEM Inner Tracker of BESIII

QCD 2017
2017.07.03-07, Montpellier, France

  • Li Gong (Nankai): Light meson decays at BESIII
  • Yuping GUO (JGU): Spacelike pi0 transition form factor at BESIII
  • Martin Ripka (JGU): ISR physics at BESIII
  • Huanhuan Liu (IHEP): Light hadron spectroscopy at BESIII
  • Bin Wang (IHEP): XYZ states at BESIII
  • Binlong Wang (UCAS): Lambda_c decays at BESIII

EPS-HEP 2017
2017-07-05-12, Venice, Italy

  • Jiangchuan Chen (IHEP): Charm meson physics at BESIII
  • Lambda_c physics at BESIII (combined)
  • Francesca De Mori (Turin): Light hadron spectroscopy at BESIII
  • Baryon form factors at BESIII (combined)
  • XYZ states at BESIII (combined)
  • Form factor measurements at BESIII for an improved Standard Model prediction of the muon g-2 (combined)
  • Simonetta Marcello (Turin): The new CGEM Inner Tracker and the custom TIGER ASIC for the BESIII Experiment

9th Joint Meeting of Chinese Physicists worldwide (OCPA9)
Jul.17-20, 2017, Tsinghua, Beijing, China

  • Xiaorui Lyu (UCAS): Flavor physics at BESIII

9th Workshop on Hadron physics in China and Opportunities Worldwide
Jul.24-29, 2017, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

  • Xiaoyan Shen (IHEP): Overview of BESIII

2017 Meeting of the APS Division of Particles and Fields (DPF 2017)
July 31-August 4, 2017, Fermilab, Batavia, IL, USA

  • Huijing Li (IHEP): Pure and semi-leptonic decays of D(s) at BESIII
  • Hajime Muramatsu (UMN): Study of Lambda_c decays at BESIII
  • Bai-cian Ke (CMU): Hadronic decays of D(s) at BESIII

XXVIII International Symposium on Lepton Photon Interactions at High Energies(LP17)
2017.8.7-12, Guangzhou, China

  • Zhengguo Zhao (USTC): Collider-based HEP in China

2nd Flavour Physics Conference
2017.8.13-19, Quy Nhon, Vietnam

  • Liang Sun (WHU): Charm physics at BESIII

GlueX and BESIII: A Workshop on Common Topics
2017.8.17-19, Indiana University Gateway Center, Beijing, China

  • Kai Zhu (IHEP): Experimental summary of the XYZ states at BESIII
  • Beijiang Liu (IHEP): Overview of light quark resonances at BESIII
  • Shuangshi Fang (IHEP): e+e- cross sections

Workshop on Exotic Hadrons at ICNFP 2017 conference
August 21-23, 2017, Kolymbari in Crete, Greece

  • Xiaorui Lyu (UCAS): Z_c states observed in pipi transitions to charmonium states
  • Zhiyong Wang (IHEP): Vector states above open charm threshold
  • Kai Zhu (IHEP): BESIII future prospects in exotic hadron spectroscopy
  • Jianbin Jiao (SDU): Light exotic hadrons at BESIII

The 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics (APFB 2017)
Aug. 25– 29, 2017, Guilin, China

  • Ryan Mitchell (IU): Review of BESIII hadron physics
  • Guangrui Liao (GXNU): The measurements of branching fractions for etac->phi phi and omega phi at BESIII

21st International Conference on Particles and Nuclei (PANIC 2017)
Sep.1-5, 2017, IHEP, Beijing, China

  • Dayong Wang (PKU): Dark photon searches at BESIII
  • Zhaoxia Meng (UJN): Hadron form factors at BESIII
  • Lei Li (BIPT): Charm meson physics at BESIII
  • Giulio Mezzadri (Ferrara): Lambda_c physics at BESIII
  • Junhao Yin (IHEP): XYZ states at BESIII
  • Marco Destefanis (Turin): Form factor measurements at BESIII for an improved Standard Model prediction of the muon g-2
  • Xingtao Huang (SDU): Light hadron spectroscopy at BESIII
  • Yunfei Long (PKU): Light meson decays at BESIII
  • Jielei Zhang (XYNU): Charmonium decays at BESIII
  • Lia Lavezzi (Turin): The new Cylindrical GEM Inner Tracker of BESIII
  • Yu Zhang (UCAS): Measurement of Ds semi-leptonic decays of Ds+ -> K0bar(*) e+ nu at BESIII (poster)
  • Yingrui Hou (UCAS): Study of the cross sections of e+ e- -> pi+ D0 D*- above 4 GeV at BESIII (poster)

Physics in Collision (PIC2017) Sep.4-8, 2017, Prague, Czech

  • Hailong Ma (IHEP): Charm Decay Studies with Threshold Data (overview)

Workshop on Hadronic Physics with Lepton and Hadron Beams
Sep. 5-8, 2017, Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia, USA

  • Christoph Redmer (JGU): Transition form factors at BESIII
  • Beijiang Liu (IHEP): Hadron spectroscopy at BESIII

XLVII edition of the International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics (ISMD-2017)
Sep.11-15, 2017, Tlaxcala City, Mexico

  • Haiming Hu (IHEP): Measurement of Hadronic Form Factors at BESIII

Congresso Nazionale della Società di Fisica Italiana
Sep.11-15, 2017, Trento, Italy

  • Isabella Garzia (Ferrara): Recent results of the BESIII experiment
  • Maxim Alekseev (Torino): New measurements of the BESIII CGEM tracker prototypes

XVII International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy and Structure (Hadron 2017)
Sep. 25-29, 2017, Salamanca, Spain

  • Ryan Mitchell (IU): Heavy-quark exotica (overview)
  • Tord Johansson (Uppsala): Hyperon Productoin in annihilation reactions (overview)
  • Zhenglei Dou (NJU): Charm meson physics at BESIII
  • Yue Pan (USTC): Lambda_c physics at BESIII
  • Andrzej Kupsc (Uppsala): Light meson decays at BESIII
  • Bo Zheng (USC): Charmonium decays at BESIII
  • Paul Larin (HIM): Hadron form factors at BESIII
  • Yuping Guo (JGU): Form factor measurements at BESIII for an improved Standard Model prediction of the muon g-2
  • Peirong Li (UCAS): New results from charged and neutral Z states at BESIII
  • Ke Li (SDU): New results from Y(4260) decays at BESIII
  • Jingqing Zhang (Bochum): Light hadron spectroscopy at BESIII

Flavour and Dark Matter workshop
Sep.25-28, 2017, Heidelberg, Germany
Dayong Wang (PKU): Dark photon search and invisible decays at BESIII

NuFact 2017
Sep. 25-30, 2017, Uppsala, Sweden

  • Xiaoshen Kang (NKU): The status and future prospects for lepton flavor violation at BESIII

INT Program INT–17–3 on Spatial and Momentum Tomography of Hadrons and Nuclei
Aug.28-Sep.29, Seattle, USA

  • Wenbiao Yan (USTC): Baryon form factor and Collins fragmentation function at BESIII

The 3rd International Conference on Particle Physics and Astrophysics (ICPPA 2017)
Oct.2-5, 2017, Moscow, Russia

  • Yang Zhang (IHEP): Recent Charmonium results at BESIII

3rd Resonance Workshop
Oct.10-13, 2017, Bergamo, Italy
Guofa Xu (IHEP): Light hadron spectroscopy at BESIII

12th European Research Conference on Electromagnetic Interactions with Nucleons and Nuclei (EINN2017)
Oct.29-Nov.4, 2017, Paphos, Cyprus

  • Changzheng Yuan (IHEP): XYZ States from BESIII

The 12th International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium (QWG 2017)
Nov.6-10, 2017, Peking University, Beijing, China

  • Ronggang Ping (IHEP): News on the Zc States (JP of Zc3900, PWA of pipihc, Zc(4050), ...)
  • Zhiqing Liu (JGU): Search for missing charmonium and charmoniumlike states (hc(2P), Y(3915), X(4013) ...)
  • Xiaorong Zhou (USTC): Vector charmonium and charmoniumlike states (cross sections of pipiJ/psi, pipihc, pipipsi', DD*pi, ...)
  • Bin Wang (IHEP): Radiative Transitions in e+e- collisions above 4 GeV (cross sections of gamma etac, gamma chi_cJ, gamma chi_c(2P), ...)
  • Ke Li (IHEP): Search for charmoniumlike states decay into light hadrons (e+e- to pp, pppi0, KsKpi, KsKpipi, eta Y(2175), ...)
  • Fang Liu (IHEP): Search for Zs in e+e- to phi pi pi at Ecm=2.175 GeV
  • Fengyun Li (PKU): BSM searches with Charmonium at BESIII
  • Yu Zhang (UCAS): Absolute BR of Lambda_c decays at BESIII
  • Lianjin Wu (IHEP): Charmonium transitions at BESIII
  • Huanhuan Liu (IHEP): Charmonium decays into light hadrons at BESIII
  • Hao Cai (WHU): Charmonium rare decays at BESIII
  • Guang Zhao (IHEP): Decays of charmed mesons at BESIII (Ds(2317), Ds(2460) decays ...)
  • Wenbiao Yan (USTC): R scan at BESIII

2nd Workshop on Future Directions in Spectroscopy Analysis (FDSA2017)
Nov.7-11, 2017, Mexico City, Mexico

  • Beijiang Liu (IHEP): Amplitude analysis at BESIII

Reimei Workshop 2017 on Hadronic Resonances and Dense Nuclear Matter
Dec.11-13, 2017, Tokai, Japan

  • Ryan Mitchell (IU): XYZ at BESIII
  • Jifeng Hu (SJTU): Nucleon form factor measurement at BESIII

A topical conference on elementary particles, astrophysics, and cosmology (Miami 2017)
Dec.13-19, 2017, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • Hajime Muramatsu (UMN): Charm physics at BESIII

Workshop on super-ctau factory
Dec.18-19, 2017, Novosibirsk, Russia

  • Yury Nefedov (JINR): Overview of BESIII status