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Welcome to the BESIII talk page!

You can find the list of conferences and the assigned speakers or the invited talks here.

The responsibilities of the Speakers' Bureau and the Policy for selecting BESIII speakers are referred to the links in the BESIII organization page and therein the Management structure page. The members of the Speakers Bureau are kept updating in the committee member page.

If you want to give a talk representing the BESIII collaboration, please contact: the IB representative of your institute, the physics group conveners, the physics/software/computing coordinators (other BESIII management), or any of the Speakers' Bureau members for nomination. You can also send a message to the Speakers' Bureau (permanent e-mail: ), or to the current Chair Prof. Beijiang Liu for info.

To prepare talks, you are suggested to check BESIII publication pages to find the official published results, and also those preliminarily released. You may also read the guidelines for speakers to prepare a nice talk!

If you have technical question about this talk pages or need to log in, please contact Prof. Beijiang Liu and Shuopin Wen.

About obtaining talks and selecting speakers

  1. A speaker, who directly receives an invitation to give a BESIII talk from conference organizers, should contact the speakers’ bureau before he/she accepts the invitation. This information will be circulated in the committee for three days to collect comments. If no objections are received, the speakers’ bureau will approve the talk.
  2. When the speakers’ bureau contacts a suggested speaker, his/her IB representative will be informed at the same time. The nominee is required to obtain endorsement from his/her IB representative before taking the nomination. The IB representative is responsible for guaranteeing the speaker will give the talk.
  3. When a talk is offered to BESIII and a speaker needs to be appointed quickly (i.e. before the next speakers’ bureau meeting), the chair of the speakers’ bureau collects nominations from the speakers’ bureau members and prepares an ordered list of candidates for approval by the speakers’ bureau members. A reply is due within 3 days. Lack of a reply from a speakers’ bureau member will be taken as approval. After approval by the speakers’ bureau, the candidates are contacted following the ordered list.
  4. Once a talk has been accepted by a candidate speaker, the talk cannot be taken away from him/her to be given to another speaker.
  5. The speakers’ bureau will actively apply for BESIII talks in big and major conferences. Any help in this process is welcome.

BESIII Preliminary Results page

Rehearsal Vidyo

Vidyo Room:BESIII-rehearsal-meeting link

Practice indico page

The indico page for pratice talks: