Talks in 2022

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LeptonPhoton2022(The 30th International Symposium on Lepton Photon Interactions at High Energies )
10-14, Jan. 2022, Manchester, UK

  • Xiaoyan Shen: (invited) Highlights in baryon decays
  • Dong Liu(Mainz), Measurements of the R value at BESIII (poster)
  • Weimin Song (JLU):Recent result of baryon time-like form factors at BESIII (parallel talk)
  • Johannes Bloms(U Munster): Cross sections measurement and search for exotic states at BESIII (poster)
  • Olga Bakina(JINR): Studies of charmonium decay from BESIII (poster)
  • Lanxing Li (Manchester): (Semi)leptonic D decays at BESIII (parallel talk)
  • Yu Zhang(Oxford): Hadronic charm decays at BESIII (parallel talk)
  • Liang Yan (FDU): Light hyperon physics at BESIII (poster)
  • Frederik Weidner(U Munster): Light meson spectroscopy at BESIII (poster)

'Bound States in QCD and Beyond IV (International Conference on the Structure of Baryons)
15-18 Feb. 2022 in St. Goar, Germany

  • Wolfgang Gradl: (invited)

IPA 2022 (Interplay between Particle and Astroparticle physics 2022)
Sept. 5-9, 2022. Vienna, Austria

  •  : Searches for dark matter at BES III
  • Gigi Cibinetto: Exotic charmonium at BES III.

Lake Louise Winter Institute 2022
Feb. 20-25, 2022, Canada
(Talks withdrawn due to COVID status)

  • Marco Scodeggio (Ferrara) , Recent results on XYZ states from BESIII
  • Marco Destefanis (Torino), Recent result of nucleon timelike form factors at BESIII

Baryons 2020 (International Conference on the Structure of Baryons)
postponed by 2022, Seville

Moriond QCD 2022
Mar. 19-26, 2022, La Thuile, Italy

  • Christoph Rosner, Precision measurement of nucleon form factors in time-like at BES III
  • Giulio Mezzadri, XYZ physics at BES III

Moriond EW 2022
Mar. 12-19, 2022, La Thuile, Italy

  • Alex Gilman, strong phase differences in D/Dbar decays & (semi-)leptonic D(s) decays

Hadron Spectroscopy: The Next Big Steps
Mar. 14-23, 2022, Mainz, Germany

  • Yuping Guo, Zcs and charged charmonium-like states search at BES III, 30+10 minutes
  • Xiaoqing Yuan, Light meson studies at BES III, 20 minutes
  • Nils Hüsken, Overview of spectroscopy results at BES III, 40 minutes
  • Beijiang Liu, Observation of an isoscalar 1-+ eta1(1855), 30+10 minutes

The 20th Conference on Flavor Physics and CP Violation (FPCP2022)
May. 23-27, 2022, Mississippi, USA

  • Marco De Stefanis,(invited) Rare charm decays
  • Liang Yan , Hyperon physics at BESIII
  • Baician Ke , (Semi-)leptonic D decays at BESIII
  • Zehui Lu , Hadronic D decays at BESIII
  • Yang Gao , Lambda_c+ decays at BESIII
  • Will Imoehl , Charmonium-like states at BESIII

May 23-27, 2022, Pieria, Greece

BEACH 2022
June 5-11, 2022, Krakow, Poland

  • Varvara Batozskaya, CP violation tests of hyperon-antihyperon pairs at BESIII
  • Charmed hadron decays at BESIII
  • Time-like Electromagnetic Form Factors of Hyperon at BESIII

XVI Varenna Conference on Nuclear Reaction Mechanism
June 10-17, 2022, Varenna, Italy

  • Xiaorong Zhou, Recent results of Baryon electromagnetic form factors at BESIII

--- QCD@Work
June 27-30, 2022 [postponed from 2020]

  • Marco Scodeggio, Overview of most recent BESIII results

The 41th International Conference of High Energy Physics (ICHEP2022)
July 6-13, 2022, Bologna, Italy
Parallel talks:

  • Weiping Wang, "R value measurements at BESIII"
  • Guoyi Hou, "Light Meson Spectroscopy at BESIII"
  • Stefano Spataro, "Vector charmonium(-like) study at BESIII" (this one is the merge of "Observation of $Z_{cs}$ and search for new decay modes of $Z_c$ and X states at BESIII" with "Vector charmonium(-like) study at BESIII")
  • Houbing Jiang, "Search for invisible decays at BESIII"
  • Ilaria Balossino, "(Semi-)leptonic D decays at BESIII"
  • Cong Geng, "Lambda_c decays at BESIII"
  • Anita Lavania, "Hadronic D decays at BESIII"
  • Tengjiao Wang, "Baryon/Lepton number violation searches at BESIII"


  • Liang Liu, "Hyperon physics at BESIII"
  • Yong Xie, "Observation of new charmonium decays at BESIII"
  • (poster) "Light Meson decays at BESIII"
  • Francesca De Mori, "Recent results of Baryon electromagnetic form factors at BESIII"
  • Hang Qi, "Light flavor vector mesons between 2 and 3 GeV at BESIII"
  • Yunxuan Song, “Search for rare decays at BESIII”

The 51st International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics(ISMD2022)
July 31- August 5, Scotland

  • Light flavor vector mesons between 2 and 3 GeV at BESIII
  • R value measurements at BESIII
  • Study of charmonium spectroscopy and decays at BESIII
  • XYZ particles at BESIII
  • Hyperon physics at BESIII
  • Light Meson Spectroscopy at BESIII

the 2022 Photonuclear Reactions Gordon Research Conference
Aug. 21-26, 2022, Holderness, US

  • Achim Denig, (an invited talk) Recent Meson Spectroscopy Results from BESIII

The 15th Asia Pacific Physics Conference (APPC15)
Aug. 21-26, 2022, Gyeongju, South Korea

  • Beijiang Liu, (an invited talk) Recent results of exotic hadrons from the BESIII experiment

The 8th International Symposium on Symmetries in Subatomic Physics (SSP2022)
Aug. 29- Sept. 2, 2022, Vienna, Austria

  • Eva Gersabeck (invited) Tests of lepton flavor universality with the (semi-)leptonic decays of charmed mesons
  • (invited) New physics searches at BES3 related to symmetries

The 9th International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics (QNP2022)
Sept. 5-9, 2022, Florida, US

  • Xiaoyan Shen, (invited plenary) an overview on recent results from BESIII

STRONG2020 Hadron Spectroscopy (HaSP) General Workshop
Sept. 13-16, 2022, Munich, Germany

  • Marc Pelizaeus, An overview of BESIII hadron spectroscopy program

The 15th International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium (QWG2022)
Sept. 26-30, 2022, GSI Darmstadt, Germany

the International Nuclear Physics Conference (INPC 2022)
Sept. 11-16, 2022, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Xiaorong Zhou, (invited) Neutron time-like form factor