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Past Conferences/Workshops of 2009


Nov. 29-Dec.5, 2009, Orlando, Florida

Plenary talk(1):

*YaJun Mao (PKU); Status of BESIII and Preliminary Physics Results( slides );

Parallel talks(5):
*JianMing Bian (IHEP); Study of h_c at BESIII ( slides , proceedings);
*YanPing Huang (IHEP); Confirmation of ppbar mass threshold enhancement and X(1835) at BESIII ( slides , proceedings);
*Jan Zhong (Bochum Univ.); Recent Results on chi_c Decays from BESIII  ( slides , proceedings);
*Gang Rong (for BESII); Anomalous line shapes of psip(3770) production & Inclusive decays for psip(2s) to K0/K*0X from the BES-II ( slides , proceedings);


l  2009 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium And Medical Imaging Conference (NSS MIC 2009)

Oct. 25-31, 2009, Orlando, Florida


l  International Workshop On e+ e- Collisions From Phi To Psi (PHIPSI08)

Oct. 13-16, 2009, Beijing, China 


*Rong Gang (IHEP,For Charmed group), The Open Charm Physics Program at BESIII 

*Klaus Götzen (GSI,For Light Hadron group), Recent results on hadron spectroscopy from BESIII

*Ping RongGang (IHEP,For Charmonium group), Charmonium results from BESIII

*Mo XiaoHu (Energy measurement system). Beam energy calibration system at BEPCII


l  5th International Conference On Quarks And Nuclear Physics (QNP09)

Sep. 21-26, 2009, Beijing, China

Plenary talk(1):

*YangHeng Zheng (GUCAS); Hadron Physics from τ--Charm factories  
Parallel talks(3):
*Gang Li (IHEP); Study of h_c at BESIII
*Beijiang LIU (UHK & CUHK): Recent BES results on hadron spectroscopy
*Ming Shao (USTC); Status of BESIII and upgrade of BESIII


l  Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics (TWEPP2009).

Sep. 21-25,2009, Paris, France

*CHANG JinFang

*JIN DaPeng

*LV JiFang

*JIANG XiaoShan


l  19th International IUPAP Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics
Aug. 31 – Sep.05 , 2009, University of Bonn / Germany

*SHEN XiaoYan (IHEP, Beijing) : Results from and Prospects at BESIII


l  24th International Symposium On Lepton-Photon Interactions At High Energy (LP09)

Aug, 17-22, 2009, Hamburg, Germany

*WANG YiFang (IHEP, Beijing): Recent Results on Tau and Charm


l  The 6th joint meeting of Chinese physicists worldwide (OCPA6)- International Conference on Physics Education and Frontier Physics

Aug. 3-7, 2009, Lanzhou, China

*SHEN XiaoYan (IHEP, Beijing): Physics Results from BES collaboration;

*LI WeiDong (IHEP, Beijing):  Status of BESIII.


l  The 2009 Euro-physics Conference on High Energy Physics (EPS09)
July 16-22, 2009, Krakow, Poland


*JIN Shan (IHEP, Beijing): BESIII status and recent results


l  Flavor Physics and CP Violation (FPCP 2009)
(May 27-June 1, 2009, Lake Placid, NY, USA)

*Roy Briere (CMU): BESIII: Status and Prospects


l  CHARM 2009
(May 20-22, 2009, Leimen, Germany)

*SHEN Xiaoyan (IHEP, Beijing): Results on Light Hadron Spectroscopy and Prospects at BES3 (35+10 min.)

  *WANG YiFang (IHEP, Beijing): Status of BESIII (20+5 min.)


l  Annual APS April Meeting

1-4 May 2009, Denver, Colorado

*LIU Qian (Hawaii): BESII Recent Hadron Decay results


l  The Third Workshop of the APS Topical Group in Hadron Physics (GHP 2009)
(April 29 - May 01, 2009 in Denver, Colorado)


l  XVII International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects (DIS 2009)
(April 26-30, 2009, Madrid, Spain)

*Chen JiangChuan (IHEP, Beijing): Recent Results on ¦×(3770) and Open Charm from BESII and CLEO-c


l  Workshop On The Physics Of Excited Nucleons (NSTAR 2009)

  April 20- 23, 2009, Beijing, China

 *WANG YiFang (IHEP, Beijing): Overview of BES physics

   *YANG HongXun (IHEP, Beijing): PWA of ppbar pi0 and measurement of J/psi to ppbar eta, ppbar eta’