Talks in 2018

From BESIII Speaker's Bureau WebSite

56th International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics
Jan 22-26, 2018, Bormio, Italy

  • Leonard Koch (Giessen): The cZDD prototype beam test at MAMI (poster)

QED and QCD Effects in Atomic and Hadron Physics
Jan.31-Feb.5, IMP in Lanzhou, China

  • Xiaorui Lv (UCAS): Exotics at BESIII

Lake Louise Winter Institute
Feb. 18-24, 2018, Chateau Lake Louise, Canada

  • Vindy Prasad (USTC): Study of Electromagnetic Dalitz decays at BESIII
  • Yankun Sun (USTC): phi K+ K- and 2(K+K-) cross sections in 2-3.08 GeV

XXII Rencontre La Thuile
Feb. 25-28, 2018, La Thuile, Italy

  • Yutie Liang (Giessen): Recent Results of XYZ study at BESIII

53 Rencontre de Moriond EW
Mar. 10-14, 2018, Moriond, France

  • Huijing Li (IHEP): |Vcs| measure. in Ds+, D0 decays and LFU test in D to pi l nu at BES III

Excited QCD 2018
Mar. 11-15, 2018, Kopaonic, Serbia

  • Frank Nerling (GSI): XYZ at BESIII

Moriond QCD2018
Mar. 17-21, 2018, Moriond, France

  • Magnus Wolke (Uppsala): Light Hadron Decays at BESIII
  • Liang Yan (Turin): Charmonium Decays at BESIII

HIEPA. 2nd International Workshop on High Intensity e+e- Accelerators
Mar. 19-21, 2018, Huairou, Beijing, China

  • Jingzhi Zhang (IHEP): Charmonium decays and transitions
  • Hailong Ma (IHEP): Exp. Rev. on Semilep Charm Decay

Dark Matter @ LHC
Apr. 3-6, 2018, Heidelberg, Germany

  • Yupin Guo (JGU): Dark Sector Searches at BESIII

Baryon form factors: where do we stand ?
Apr. 23-25, 2018, Bad Honnef, Germany

  • Xiaorong Zhou (USTC): Lambda Lambdabar cross section at BESIII
  • Weiping Wang (USTC): Lambdac Lambdacbar cross section at BESIII (poster)
  • Monica Bertani(LNF): Time-like baryon form factors experimental overview
  • Rinaldo Baldini Ferroli (LNF/IHEP): Some Anomalies in Timelike Baryon Form Factors
  • Christoph Rosner (Mainz): Proton time-like electromagnetic form factor at BESIII
  • Karin Schönning (Uppsala): Electromagnetic form factors of hyperons - Present and Future
  • Marco Maggiora (Turin): An example of international collaboration

Beauty2018. Intern. Conf. on B-Physics at Frontier Machines
May. 7-11, 2018, La Biodola, Elba, Italy

  • Giulio Mezzadri (Ferrara): EW physics at BESIII
  • Ronggang Ping (IHEP): XYZ at BESIII

May. 14-18, 2018, Vienna, Austria

  • Kai Zhu (IHEP): XYZ at BESIII
  • Hailong Ma (IHEP): D decay at BESIII

May 21-25, 2018, Novosibirsk, Russia

  • Changzhen Yuan (IHEP): Charm and Exotics
  • Lyu Xiao-Rui (UCAS): Lambdac decay and cross section at BESIII”
  • Xiongfei Wang (IHEP): Experimental Status of Conventional Charmonium Spectroscopy
  • Fang Shuangshi (IHEP): Light Hadrons Decay at BESIII
  • Yu Zhang (UCAS): Leptonic and Semileptonic D Decay
  • Hajime Muramatsu (Minnesota): Ds Decays
  • Igor Denisenko (Dubna): Light Hadron Spectroscopy at BESIII

HQL Heavy Quarks and Leptons

May. 28-31, 2018, Yamagata, Japan

  • Zhiyong Wang (IHEP): Hadron spectroscopy at BES III
  • Ming-Gang (NKU): Charm decays and CKM matrix at BESIII
  • Fengyun Li (PKU): Dark sector search at BES III

Mai. 29, 2018, Palm Spring, USA

  • Christof Redmer (JGU): hadronic cross section measurements at BESIII

30th Rencontre de Blois
Jun. 03-08, 2018, Blois, France

  • Liang Yan (Turin): Charmonium Decay

Jun. 4-8, 2018, Bologna (Italy)

  • Yangheng Zheng (IHEP): Synergies between LHCb and BESIII

MESON2018 Jun. 7-12, 2018, Krakow, Poland

  • Riccardo Farinelli (Ferrara): Exotics at BESIII (plenary)
  • Yan Wencheng (Beihang Un): Light Hadron Decay at BESIII (plenary)
  • Xian Xiong (IHEP): Light Hadron Spectroscopy at BESIII (plenary)
  • Patrick Adlarson (Uppsala): Hyperon emffactors and CP tests at BESIII (parallel)
  • Xinlei Gao (USTC): Study of $\phi(2170)$ @ BESIII (poster)

Seventh Workshop on Theory on Flavour Physics
Jun. 8-10, 2018, Capri, Italy

  • Marco Destefanis: Physics at BESIII

Jun. 17-23, 2018, Peniche, Portugal

  • Peter Weidenkaff (Mainz): Charm meson physics at BESIII
  • Malte Albrecht (Bochum): Hadron Spectroscopy at BESIII
  • Yuping Guo (JGU): Two photon physics at BESIII
  • Yixiong Zhou (GXU): Lambdac decays at BESIII
  • Cui Li (Uppsala): Baryon form factors

Chinese Physics Society
Jun. 19-24, 2018, Shanghai, China

  • (Fully Chinese)

QCD @ Work
Jun. 25-28, 2018, Matera, Italy

  • Christof Redmer (JGU): QCD tests at BESIII

39th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 2018)
Jul.4-11, 2018, Seoul, Korea

  • Shuangshi Wang (IHEP): Exotic Hadrons, Experimental Review (Plenary)
  • Dayong Wang (Peking Un): Search for FCNC at BESIII
  • Shenjian Chen (Nanjin Un): New Physics Searches at BESIII
  • Beijiang Liu (IHEP): Application of Machine Learning to BESIII
  • Guofa Xu (IHEP): Light Mesons Decay at BESIII
  • Jiangchuan Chen (IHEP): Leptonic and Semilept Decay of Charmed Mesons at BESIII
  • Bin Wang (IHEP): Studies of XYZ at BESIII
  • Haiping Peng (USTC): Lambdac Physics with BESIII Threshold Data
  • Liaoyuan Dong (IHEP): Hadronic Decay of D+ and Ds+ at BESIII
  • Guangshun Huang (USTC): Study of Hadronic Processes from cm 2 to 3 GeV
  • Hao Cai (WHU): Baryonic Decays of Charmonium at BESIII
  • Andrzej Kupsc (Upssala): Hyperon Studies at BESIII

22nd Int Few-Body Conf
Jul.9-13, 2018, Caen, France

  • Francesca Demori: Light Mesons at BESIII
  • Chengzheng Yuan: XYZ to light hadron

16th Conference on Flavor Physics and CP Violation (FPCP 2018)
Jul.14-18, 2018, Hyderabad, India

  • Jim Libby (IITM): Hadronic Decay of Charm ?
  • Vindy Prasad (USTC): Light Hadrons Spectroscopy and Decay
  • Lei Xia (USTC): Baryonic Form Factors Measurements at BESIII

XIII Quark Conf. and Hadron Spectrum
Aug. 1-6, Maynooth, Ireland

  • Qi hongrong (BUAA): Isospin violations at BESIII
  • Binlong Wang(CAS): charm decay at BESIII
  • Ryan Mitchell (Indiana University): a brief tour to the XYZ

2018 European Nuclear Pysics
2-7 September 2018, Bologna, Italtly

  • Xinyu Shan (USTC):Recent Results on Charm Meson Decays at BESIII
  • monica bertani (INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati): Baryon time-like form facor at BESIII
  • Dr. Johan Messchendorp (KVI-CART, University of Groningen):xyz states at BESIII

September 06-11, 2018, Madagascar

  • Marco Destefanis: Status Update from BESIII Experiment

September 10-14, Ferrara (Italy)

  • Isabella Garzia (INFN-Ferrara): Baryon Electromagnetic Form Factor at BesIII

Physics in Collision 2018
Sep.11-15, 2018, Bogotá, Colombia

  • Stefano Spataro (Torino): Spectroscopy of exotic states
  • Xiaoyan Shen (IHEP): Precision Charm Deday Measurement

Baldin Seminar
Sep.17-22, 2018, Dubna, Russia

  • Igor Boiko (Dubna)

Heidelberg Germany ,September 17-21,

  • Mr. Peter Weidenkaff (Institute of Nuclear Physics):D decays at BESIII
  • Mr. Peter Weidenkaff (Institute of Nuclear Physics): Status and prospects of D mixing and CPV at Threshold (BESIII)
  • Mr. Youhua Yang (NJU,IHEP): (semi)Lepton Decay of D Meson at BESIII
  • Evelina Gersabeck (University of Manchester): Inputs for γ/φ3 from charm decays
  • Dr. Igor Boyko (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research): Recent results from the BESIII experiment

Tau 2018
Sep.24-28, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Jianyong Zhang (IHEP): tau mass measurement at BESIII
  • Sifan Zhang (Nanjing University):Test lepton flavor universality with (semi)leptonic D decays at BESIII
  • Yuping Guo (mainz): experimental imput for a_u light by light

Joint Workshop on Future tau/charm Factories
Orsay, France, Dec, 2018

  • Xiaorui Lyu(ucas): Decay of Charmed Hadrons